Blocklins and the Tower-of-One-Hundred-Levels

A blocklin with parts from an alpaca ( art made by me )

The tower has 100 levels, the brickzard from the top level has pissed the blocklins off by creating them and sealing them away to the lowest level. Now they’re coming for him.

Blocklins are goblin zombies that are literally too dumb to use tools, but can carry body parts that do different things. They can replace them like lego bricks and rearrange them on their body. You can carry unused bodyparts in your inventory. You kill the dragon not because you want the princess, the treasure or the glory. You want these sweet fire glands and wings.

The Blocks

You start with 1 base block, your head, 1 arm and 1 leg.

Draw the base block on a square grid, the 8 squares around it are your inventory slots.

You can only attach new parts to your base blocks.

Whenever you levelup you get +1 base block on top of the other ( your head regrows in this process). This gives you 2 new slots for parts. Blocklins tend to get very centipede or wormlike as their bodies grow with age.

Whenever you change parts, describe how your new wretched creature looks to the others. ( the position of the parts on the character sheet does not matter)

Whenever you are damaged by an attack, pick one of your equipped parts randomly. A part that gets hit it is destroyed , also you still get the damage. When your original head is hit you get double damage instead.

Your movement speed is 5 ft. if you don’t have atleast one leg.

List of parts:

👢Big Boot – double movement speed, functions as leg

🦿 Adamantine Leg – cannot be destroyed, functions as leg

🦾 Robotic Arm – Shoot a lazer from your palm that temporarily stuns or confuses things unless they save

😂 -Drinking your tears makes people laugh uncontrollably and they need to save or turn any faces they have into 😂

🐟 Fins – allows you to breathe underwater

🐸 Frog Tongue – You have a long tongue that can shoot out and grab things.

🤑 Golden Tongue – You know the price of everything you lick

🍴Cutlery Teeth- consume thine enemy’s lifeless body mid-battle, forcing the remaining adversaries to make a morale check

🕶️ Just a pair of sunglasses – be cool as ice and immune to fear. Lose your darkvision if you had it before. If your charisma is lower than 13, everyone thinks you’re kind of a douchebag for wearing this in an unlit dungeon.

🚀Rocketpropelled Machinelegs – You can rocket jump (jump once in the air)

👁️ Gigantic Bloodridden Eye- You can see through Deceit, the morally decrepit find your gaze unnerving.

🖕 Middlefinger of Hard No – Negate one thing affecting you, remove this afterwards.

🦴 BONE – 1d6 blunt weapon

🗡️ arm with a sword in it – 1d6 stab weapon

🫀 Heart of Hercules – acts as a second heart, the next time you fall to 0 hp, you fall to 1 instead and lose this

🐚 Shell – Acts as plate armor

🎩 Head of Tony the Gentle- allows you to enter the Gentleman’s Clubyou

👔 Body of Tony the Gentle- pay 50% less for things at the Gentleman’s Club. You still need Tony the Gentle’s Head to enter

😱 Head of the Banshee – creates an ear-piercing sound. Save vs. 1d4 damage and bleed.

🐲 Head of the Dragon- Can breathe fire( 1d4 damage up to 2 targets) and gives +2 fire resistance

👑 Head of the Skeleton King – Low creatures and peasants will think you are important

🙀 Cat Head- 1d4 bite, see ghosts

Other creatures in the tower:

  1. ProtoUbermaul
  2. Projekt Exile
  3. Resistor Blocklins
  4. Binary Marauders
  5. Bioluncher
  6. Cluckcakes
  7. Cockcrows
  8. Ogrefiend Cannibals
  9. Mass of Vikings
  10. Killer Lizard
  11. Emojizer
  12. Brain coral
  13. Bombfrogs
  14. Child of Giggles
  15. The Insect Beings
  16. Human Plus
  17. Hexaflex Plantgoblin
  18. Drunk Goo
  19. The Blocktosaurus
  20. Blorcs

Some ideas by Mihau, dead-delver, Gorinich and BaaL from the OSR Discord

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