The City of Nura

A gigantic city in the middle of the world. It sits on top of a mountain cliff and is formed like a ring. Officially the 10 districts are ruled by an aristocratic family. Unofficially the gangs decide what… Read More

Legally distinct monsters and free art

All the art in this post is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can use the images and text however you want (yes, even commercially) as long as you credit me ( Thomas Hanusek… Read More

Picture Association Potluck #2

Hello adventurers, goblins and conscious manifestations of art. I present you another potluck post with content for your OSR game. Today we have 3 monsters, a deity and a spell. my interpretation written for DreamHero Solitude (HD 4,… Read More

Blocklins and the Tower-of-One-Hundred-Levels

The tower has 100 levels, the brickzard from the top level has pissed the blocklins off by creating them and sealing them away to the lowest level. Now they’re coming for him. Blocklins are goblin zombies that are… Read More

Picture Association Potluck

Painted a new guy for DreamHero / the Tarot Card set. THE TRUE WANDERER ( 2 HD, Horncrown 1d6, armor as chain) he wears high-necked metallic robes and a long golden mask of the crescent moon.He escaped from… Read More

Rocks at the end of time

ROCKDALE On the opposite side of time, a WILD land mass where time has halted. Now this place is habitable, though it has never before seen civilized life. Luckily there is a civilization just now beginning to rise… Read More

1D10 Things you can find in Prismonia

Prismonia is a hollow world dreamt by a sleeping glow bug. Sometimes poor dreamers wander into this world and find that they can’t wake up anymore. a plastic bong that emits foul odors and fires vomit bullets. 2…. Read More

GLOG Class – Narcissism

Incarnate of NarcissismStarting Equipment: Copper Mirror, Picture of yourself, Bottle of LotionSkills: (1D4) Makeup, Self Aggrandizement, A Big EgoB Delusions of GrandeurC Clearly the Best, IdolD Best possible version of yourself Big EgoYou have an ego of a… Read More