Picture Association Potluck #2

XXI- The World , another painting, another inspiration post

Hello adventurers, goblins and conscious manifestations of art. I present you another potluck post with content for your OSR game. Today we have 3 monsters, a deity and a spell.

my interpretation written for DreamHero

Solitude (HD 4, armor as leather)


  • follow groups in secret
  • pick on people that are alone


  • Crystal beam( 1d10, extremely close range)
  • Strangling Grip (1d8, 1d4 if you‘re slippery)


  • Dark mist, covers an area with a dense fog you can‘t see through
  • Assimilate, save vs wisdom or curse that makes you greedy and egoistic

a monster written by bugbearslug

Cowled Angel HD3, HP12, Defense 10

Too pure for this world, this angelic cowl always floats an inch above the ground and is untouchable by soiled surfaces, nor can it touch soiled surfaces.

  • May wrap itself around a target if they fail a save, tightly wrapping around it. The angel now puppeteers its victim, and any damage it takes is shared equally between the two.
  • Those killed whilst puppeteered by the cowl is guaranteed entry to heaven.

another monster written by arrogantwizard

Hashazor, the soaring prowler HD: 7 MD: 4 AC: As chain

Morale: 60%

Attacks: 2 Wiggly daggers 1d4/1d4 –

  • Always accompanied by 2d4 Leopards that are fanatically loyal –
  • Spell Detonate Leopard: Select a number of leopards equal to [dice] to erupt in an explosion, dealing [sum] damage on a failed save to all in a small blast radius
  • Spell Corpse to Leopard On a 5+, transmute a corpse into a living leopard that is fanatically loyal to you –
  • Automatically fails morale if entire leopard entourage is slain, will never detonate final leopard

an apocalyptic deity written by themimicsnest

Ittravok, the Inevitable Shelter

  • Ittravok doesn’t have a corporeal form. It appears in visions and warns its followers that much of the world will soon come to an end and plans must be made to ensure the survival of intelligent life
  • Each cult of Ittravok picks and „sanctifies“ an area that is promised to protect it when the end of the world would happen
  • Occasionally, cults of Ittravok kidnap people with specific skills to ensure the survival of this prepper community
  • When Ittravok is finally invoked into our world, the entire sanctified area and the life in a large surrounding area vanishes. Nobody knows where they go
  • Ittravok can be seen by people who can see Invisibility or use other things like Detect Magic, besides the individual or individuals it is visiting at the time

and a spell written by „deus ex parabola“

Bardo R: [dice]*5’ T: a soul D: instant

Target is seized by invisible hands and bottled. If it belongs to someone, they make a save to prevent this if their HP is greater than [dice]. Souls usually pass into the reincarnation queue after 50 days. If they object to this, they have a base 2-in-6 chance of being returned to their body, influenced by the following variables:

  • +1 if head and all limbs still attached to body
  • +1 if body in general good condition
  • +1 for each MD they possessed
  • +3 if body was alive when they left it
  • -1 if head and all limbs removed
  • -3 for fire damage to body

Upon request, Bardo can instead place the target in a secure location, such as a big box or a magic crystal orb.

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