Rocks at the end of time

Art from DreamHero + a tarot card set I’m working on


On the opposite side of time, a WILD land mass where time has halted. Now this place is habitable, though it has never before seen civilized life. Luckily there is a civilization just now beginning to rise there and they are developing a staple crop that is also said to hold many of the long lost secrets of the past. 


Amphibious rock people that live in harmony with the end of time, living a life of solitary hunting and fishing, closely tied to the Earth and the flow of time. They live in large extended families of between 20 and 150, and often have more than one wife, with all parties having equal rights to reproduce and share in the proceeds. The strength of a Rocky Geardin is in his muscles and mind. Their arms and legs are enhanced with large claws. 


A famous war hero and member of the Ancient Circle of the Rockmages, Radmail was once considered the strongest Geardin  in the history of Rockdale. 


Invisible teens with cosmic powers of hypnotism and telepathy, who once owned a magic school in the Basalt Street of Rockdale. Now they are on the run with six of their students.


Drowsy horned demons that live in the city’s underworld. They feed on the souls of geardin and rip them apart limb by limb with their demonic horns and teeth. Their brutal habit of feeding on the remains of their victims leaves no trace for the cops to find and persecute them, thus allowing the demons to go about their business unhindered most of the time.

This is why the Rox have decided to destroy them all.


The city watch of Rockdale, organized to patrol the city’s darkened streets at night. They solely consist of volunteers from all levels of society. The Rox possess a high level of discipline and pride in their work and a certain bloodlust in their quest to rid the city of the evil creatures, monsters, and demons that plague it. They have the ultimate goal of defending the lower class from the cruel roams of the rich. Most politicians and nobles try to bribe them, but ultimately fail.


Roy is an orphan who joined the Rox, but quickly decided to make a career of the force. It was there that he gained his elite fighting skills, as well as a complete ban from every form of law enforcement. He has since branched out into the fields of detective work and is sometimes called the „Copper*s Copper“.


Torn open dimensional gates suck in strange cosmic hounds that tear open dimensional blights, alien war machines, undead stalkers of all things bad. 

Now the old inhabitants of Prismonia live in the broken shards and survivors of the past of time must escape through the portal. 


This female geardin has long flowing white hair that she drapes around herself in a mess over her head. Her face is flat, with two red horns, and she is extremely proud. She believes in beauty as a means to the meaning of life, and if she doesn’t happen to be drinking with someone she considers handsome, then the situation must be remedied.

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