8 GLOG classes saved from the depths of Phlox’s Glog Server

Me Orangutan, love play tabletop RPG games. So much fun, role-play as different characters. But one thing not fun, oof the raindrops, hate it! Rain make everything wet and spoil game. Prefer play inside, where dry and safe from rain. Oof the raindrops, always ruining my fun. Good there is class for Orang-Utan with Umbrella.

Can recommend 10/10 orang-utan points.


Starting Equipment:
Bouncing Bee Hive
Antivenom Amulet
A Razzle-Dazzle Smoker

A: Swarm Spellcasting – Summon swarms with a wicked whisper and control them with cackling commands. Their stings sting with a strength of 1d6. These buzzing beasts carry what a five-year-old could carry, clumsily.
B: Hive Hex – A telepathic connection with the queen of the hive, who whispers secrets from her sensory sorcery.
C: Nectar Necromancy – Drain the life force of your foes with the nectar-filled stingers of your bees, healing yourself for the same amount of the damage dealt.
D: The Coven – Become the Swarm, a mystical multitude of buzzing bees. In this form, you are immune to non-magical physical attacks and can cackle through the chaos, careening and controlling all with a flick of a wrist.

Ouija Turtle

Starting Equipment:

a purpose in life 
ouija board


A: „Mystical Oracle“
As an Ouija Turtle, you have the ability to communicate with the spirits beyond the veil. You can use your ouija board and to ask yes or no questions and receive answers from the spirits. However, be wary – the spirits may not always tell the truth.

B: „Turtle’s Shell Attack“
As an Ouija Turtle, you have the ability to use your turtle’s shell as a weapon in combat. You can make a melee attack with your turtle’s shell, dealing 1d8 bludgeoning damage on a hit. Additionally, if you have advantage on the attack roll, you also gain an additional +2 to your AC until the start of your next turn.

C: „Collector of Souls“
As an Ouija Turtle, you have the ability to collect the souls of the deceased and bind them to your will. You can use your ouija board to manipulate the spirits of the dead. You can bind a number of spirits equal to your Charisma modifier, and they will obey your commands until you release them. However, be wary – the spirits may not always be happy to be bound and may seek revenge if given the opportunity.

D: „Transcendent Turtle“
You have the ability to transcend your physical form and become a ghostly spirit. While in this form, you are immune to all physical attacks and you can move through solid objects. However, you are still vulnerable to magical attacks and you cannot interact with the physical world. You can use this ability once per day, and the duration of the effect is 1 hour.

Advisor of the Court

Starting Equipment:

a book of wisdom and knowledge
a quill and inkwell
a set of fine clothing and accessories, suitable for courtly occasions


You can provide wise and thoughtful advice to those who seek it, using your knowledge and experience to help them make difficult decisions. When someone follows your advice, they gain advantage on any actions they take as a result of that advice. This ability requires you to listen carefully and consider all options, but it can be invaluable in guiding others towards success. You can only advise one person at once and the bonus goes away after a day.
You can enter a state of deep meditation, allowing you to focus your mind and build up magical energy. While in this state, you are unable to move or take any actions, but you can unleash the stored energy in a powerful attack once you come out of meditation. For each hour of meditation, the attack deals 1 damage.
You can cast a spell of forgetfulness, causing those around you to forget recent events or information. This ability can be useful for protecting secrets or preventing misunderstandings, but can only be used once per day and works for everyone around you, even your allies.
You can communicate with the gods and offer them advice, using your wisdom and knowledge to guide them in their decisions. This ability allows you to influence the course of events in the world, but the gods are not always receptive to mortal advice and may choose to ignore your counsel.

Orang-Utan with Umbrella (OUWU WHAT’S THIS)

Starting Equipment: Umbrella(counts as 1d6 weapon)

A: You are an Orang-Utan with all that it entails. You never have to roll for climbing, unless the surface would be impossible to climb. As long as you hold your Umbrella you take no fall damage, and can instead slowly glide downwards.

B: You can now move horizontally while gliding with the Umbrella. You can move an amount equal to the height of the area you jumped down.

Scuttling Adept of Confusing Clarity

Starting Equipment:

  • ghost clothes
  • live pig you named „Snuffles“
  • a small harp
    You do not bleed. You do not starve. You do not age. You do not feel pain. You are always cold. You still lose HP and can die.
    Each poison is deadly in your hands. Each poison is deadly to you. This includes Alcohol.
    Magic beings will respect you as long as you have the pig with you.
    You and the party are summoned to the council of seasons and granted the status of Confusion Lords.


starting equipment:

A: You are 3 ducks in a trenchcoat, if one of the ducks dies, it can be replaced, if all die it’s over. People will think you are a human being, as long as atleast one duck stays in the trenchcoat.
If the trenchcoat ever gets destroyed or heavily damaged the 3 ducks will make all hell break lose, but cease being a person.

B: Eating Bread as a ration will heal you by 1d6.

C: You are just metal as fuck, I mean look at you. You’re 3 ducks. +2 to all attributes, fuck everyone who says different.

D: You are no longer bound by the reigns of mortal thought. The world is your trenchcoat. All ducks will join you on your way to becoming an amalgam of trench, coat, duck and sin.


A: Animal Band, +1 band member
B: +1 band member
C: +1 band member
D: +1 band member

Animal band
You are a group of animals that is also a band.
Name the band. You start with 2 random animals as band members.
You act like a single being in combat.
As long as the band is together people will interact with you as if you were popular human band.
If you die no animal is harmed, instead the band is disbanded and all animals forget what happened and live a life as a normal animal happily ever after. that would be cute.

d10 band members
1 frog – A croaking freestyle solo of the most devastating rhymes the swamp has ever seen, belittling one target enemy, who must make a CHA save or be the center of laughter from anyone around them.
2 snail – The rumbling bass of the snail’s drums induce a trance in anyone listening to it that fails a STR test. This gives you the [slow] debuff (can only use 1 action per turn)
3 owl – Classical music, perfect for long walks. As long as the owl is with you, you get advantage on rolling random encounters.
4 crow – Romantic goth music that makes you truely feel alive. As long as the crow is with you, merchants will give you a 10% discount.
5 llama – As long as the llama plays the trumpet, you get advantage on evading traps. This is very loud.
6 goat – Happy Hardcore Hyper Core Techno. Strangely rage inducing. Gives the Companions +2 to weapon damage.
7 stag- A bolero about the forest the stag calls home. Gives +1 to Attack rolls to allies of the stag .
8 sheep – A soft lullaby entrancing anyone listening to it to test CON or fall asleep.
9 chicken – Anyone in front of the chicken must test DEX to brace this jazzlike cacophony of cries. On a fail they run away in fear.
10 pidgeon – GUL GUL GUL GUL the band is immune to poison and disease GUL GUL GUL GUL

Eagle Eye Style

A) You can see farther into a fog than any other creature.
B) You can ask the GM if there is something hidden around you. They will answer with the truth, but not tell you where.
C) GAZE OF THE EAGLE- Meditate for a minute to see through non-visible barriers such as a wall, floor or ground
D) You have a 100% success rate when talking to somebody and trying to read their mind. You can ask them questions about their mood, any secret plans and if they have a girlfriend.

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