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Painted a new guy for DreamHero / the Tarot Card set.

THE TRUE WANDERER ( 2 HD, Horncrown 1d6, armor as chain) he wears high-necked metallic robes and a long golden mask of the crescent moon.
He escaped from his ancient clan, because they had slain his own son to bring about a new age. Now he has gathered enough outsiders and other shunned people, under his banner, „The Wandering Ones“. They worship and pray to him, knowing that they will die in the big battle. The ghost of his dead son appears in his dreams and tells him of long forgotten prophecies.

Here are some other interpretations by users from the OSR Discord:

Stained-Glass Robe Light shines through it, refracting into dazzling colors. In bright light, it provides you an extra MD; if that die rolls 4-6, the light is lost, but the die is restored if you return to light. It protects you as leather armor, but shatters instantly if you ever take maximum damage from an attack.

Written by CyberChronometer

SCION OF TELMARAN (4HD, 2 Mind Beams 1d8) If you are hurt by its attacks, you must save vs. insanity or follow the largest source of light for 1d6 rounds, and the end of which time you may repeat the save. Telmaran, great Lamp God of Mothkind

Written by Anni

ROYAL LAND MOTH Lvl 6, armor as leather, hug makes you take care of its baby moths for d4 months if you kill it. You are aware of it. No save. Crown worth d12*100 gold

Come with 2d6 BABY MOTHS. 1 hp. Caretaker takes d20 damage if one dies. Need about a liter of fresh blood a day. D8 weeks to grow up Flying, no self preservation instinct. Tend to fly into open flames

Written by Portal

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