1D10 Things you can find in Prismonia

  • Prismonia is a hollow world dreamt by a sleeping glow bug. Sometimes poor dreamers wander into this world and find that they can’t wake up anymore.
  1. a plastic bong that emits foul odors and fires vomit bullets.

2. A bell shaped like a rocket that will get you to Diod in 30 seconds

3. A closet that slowly fills with snakes while closed

4. A miniature hippopotamus with lipstick on that can hold an infinite amount of makeup, wigs and clothing in its mouth.

5. A shot glass that counts how much you have drunk in the last 24 hours.

6. An electronic music box that starts with a kiss

7. A disposable camera that functions without film or batteries

8. A pair of sunglasses made of sugar, that make you invisible but also blind

9. A skull that lights up when it is wet

10. Candy cigarettes, with real nicotine, but only if you chew really hard

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