The City of Nura

A gigantic city in the middle of the world. It sits on top of a mountain cliff and is formed like a ring.

Officially the 10 districts are ruled by an aristocratic family. Unofficially the gangs decide what is happening. To the residents of this city there is no other. It is a place to be seen, the most powerful city in all the continent. 

The reality for the people living in the city is conformity or becoming part of a criminal association. Official jobs are only for people that follow all the rules after all.

The king is a motherfucking asshole, narcissistic and fat. He invents new weird laws every few weeks. The fuckers in the city guard abuse this system for their own gains. Bribes are so normal, that you can deduct them from your taxes.

So yeah, the gangs are the only form of progress here in the cities and the government can’t do anything about it. It’s like the king’s got a big dick, he’s the richest guy in the city and there are thousands of idiots wanting some of his sweet sweet gold.

The gangs like the king, he keeps stability. And as long as there is only one fat fuck you have to please, you can basically do whatever you want.

You are part of the Mafia and it’s up to you to fight the other gangs of the city, the cops and the corrupt political system.

The Gangs

Each Gang has a secret hideout somewhere. They fight for control of the districts with each other.

The Blue Eyes

gang lead by a woman known as Crimson. She does not have any real attachments, only seeking profit above all else. The Blue Eyes offer „protection“ to the locals and smuggle things through the city. All species can join the Blue Eyes, even „Blumpbar the Troll“.

the Flora

group of racist mushroom people. They make money with psychedelic spores they sell as drugs. Their orders come directly from the mother mushroom. For her the mushroom people are mere pawns in a game.

The Fauna

Every single one of them has a pet. The goons train monkeys to steal gold, higher ups ride on elephants and ostriches. Rumors say their boss has a young dragon as a pet.

The royal family

Live in the palace

The king: fat, eccentric asshole, really doesn’t give a fuck about life anymore, so he’s just constantly a little bit sad and angry. Has a constant headache, from the poison the queen secretly feeds him.

The queen: cheating on the king with every handsome guy in the city. Wants to kill him and rule the city herself.

The old prince: does not really  give a fuck about being the next in line for the throne but does it because it‘s his duty . goes on quests to please his narcissistic ego , has a band of loyal knights

The young prince: ugly and fat, parties all the fucking time, is jealous of the attention his brother gets from women, does not want to be king at all, but would love the fame.

The princess: has an amazing love for dancing and fashion. She is said to be a very strong person and is able to control her emotions well. Also she is wearing her heart as a necklace on the outside of her body. Secretly conspires with her mother to overthrow the king.

the 10 districts

  1. the rich district
  2. Entertainment (Museum, Library, Zoo, Circus, Auction, Sage)
  3. the farms
  4. market district
  5. innovation district
  6. the slums     
  7. the party district (Drinking, dancing, sex)
  8. the sports district
  9. the magicians district
  10. Arts (Theater, dance, art, music)

Inhabitants of Nura

Alba Sibila

An exceptionally talented wizard, she is very active in her studies and tutors her husband through secret messenger mice. He is madly in love with her, however he has yet to meet her. They were promised to marry each other, but he was arrested by the town guard, right before the marriage.She’s constantly getting letters from the House of the Moon asking for her help.

Parnarion Rex

A rather sadistic prisoner. Powerful wizard, imprisoned in an anti magic cell. He sits on the third floor of the prison complex.His cell contains a collection of messages and dead mice, sent by his lover Alba Sibila. 

Bondo the Goblin

Best friend of Boris. A sad looking goblin drinking his pain away in the tavern. When asked what is bothering him, he will tell the party that the children his wife had, are not his.

He lives in a small hut in the market district. His beautiful goblin wife is holding 2 rather orcy-looking babies in her arms.

Boris the Goblin

Best friend of Bondo. Very mysterious looking goblin. Usually he wears a leather hoodie and some black robes.When questioned about his identity, he will answer that he is a dwarf. No one seems to know where he came from. He lives near a farm. A few months ago, he saw an Orc named Ronan come out of Bondo’s house. Atleast that’s what he tells Bondo. In reality Bondo’s wife fucked Boris.

Forun Greener

Scrubby and hairy Elf with twigs and leaves everywhere. Lives in a cave in the farm district. Hates the city and will never enter it. He gives the party missions to sabotage city officials and buy stuff from the market.


elf courtesan with a reputation as „my lady doctor“, living with various men, who use her for some kind of magical treatment.


elf trader, a person of skill in the art of smuggling drugs or other items, he regularly takes orders from drug lords, and has a great number of clients in his pocket, he also gives a percentage of his earnings to the ‚Blue Eyes‘


orc agent, a mercenary whose ‚care for his own‘ keeps him alive, he ’supplies‘ some of the city guard with powerful weapons.


bugbear noble, responsible for the death of a high official, skilled poet, always wants to impress someone with his talents but is unable to do so


halfling dancer/singer whose husband lives at the inn with their young son, who is in training as a mage. She is a former member of the „Wandering Symphony“, but left after someone died because of her reckless actions.

Pimelina Linnamina

halfling thief who carries a dagger with which she attacks anyone who touches her or makes fun of her name.


human alchemist, nouveau rich, nouvea noble. Became the subject of a famous story, after he invented a potion that let’s someone take control of the body of someone else.

Thi Aru

ratfolk rogue, of average stature and small frame who sells a number of low-priced silver objects, mostly to high-end wizards and mages. He is described as having a strong, almost childish spirit, and has a habit of taking the fancy of women of high and royal rank.


elf priestess, one of the most loyal and beloved servants to the High Priest, devout worshipper of the god of Youth. She was the first person to learn the secrets of the untouchables.


dwarf bard, an elf that was supposed to be dead, but got reincarnated into the body of a dwarf. Can’t recall events that happened minutes ago.

Othellis Mor

last survivor of the old race, she has been sealed away in the chambers in the fountain of youth. She is the reason the fountain works. You need a lot of powerful magic to free her from her crystal prison.

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