— The Harvesters resemble towering ants made out of light, and appear in swarms when they are active. They
harvest your gold in a process akin to a butterfly collecting nectar, and it is this power they barter
for in exchange for transporting you back to the mortal realm.

–Few know exactly what the Necronians look like, other than their identical fractal attire,
translucent skin, and captivating golden eyes. Led by a central Syndicate, the Necronians are
secretive, but eager to trade the Grimstone tech that powers the artificial augmentations visible
under their translucent skin. Though this technology is powerful and has nearly unlimited
applications, many refuse to use it due to the gruesome rumors of its corruption.

–The Ferry Men appear as spindly giants around fifteen feet tall that are swathed in black bandages
and have glowing silver eyes. They possess ships that can sail through the Aether without becoming
unraveled, and charge a unique treasure as price for passage between realms. Able to shape the aether
into weapons, the Ferry Men are regarded by outsiders with both fear and wonder.

–The Lifestealers come to the surface and attack a group of adventurers and/or settlers. They
appear as a large, black, slug-like creature with a human-like face that is capable of changing its
skin to resemble the appearance of whatever the Lifestealer desires. The Lifestealer can change its
form to resemble that of anything in the universe, ranging from plants to animals to even a human.

–The Hounds are an almost mythical breed of beast with red eyes and bodies that are shaped like
that of a dog. Their teeth are covered with a hard chitin layer. Most legends describe Hounds as
being the enemies of all other beasts, and they are often found alone in the dark of the night.

— In the darkness of the night a great beast can be seen rising from the water of the depths.
It has the shape of a fish, but is covered with a hard shell, and has large round eyes. It also has a
mouth filled with great rows of large sharp teeth.

— The Kite is a giant spider-like creature, six feet long from front to back, and with a long
tail and a long whip like limb.

–The Mollusk is a great, giant sea snail shaped like a giant head. It appears to be made from
a hard rocky shell and a thick liquid body, and is almost half as long as a man is tall.

— The Rat is a huge beast that can appear as a humanlike being with red eyes and a ratlike
body. Its mouth is filled with sharp teeth, and it has a long tail with an ability to fire a poison
stream of deadly needles.

— The Tuna is a floating giant of a fish, up to one hundred feet long, with a head that is
fiery blue and a body like a whale’s. It can make use of ethereal aether to create powerful electric
force to attack prey with, and will use it to power great floating constructs of aether and crystal.

-The Aestuari have bodies that can generate electricity. They create small amounts of
unstable, ionizing radiation with each touch. This radiation does very little to harm
anyone except very sensitive people, and may even aid a Gedda’s healing abilities.
They are able to control radiation to some degree, and can protect themselves with protective
materials that allow them to create and use shields without hands.

— The Muck appear as slimy, amorphous, grey blobs that are able to
create the physical realities of the world. Each one of them can inhabit a single object, which they
use to create everything from the ground to a fully functioning ship. It is rumoured that they are
able to harness the GLOG allowing them to manipulate it with their will alone.

-The Aenar are a mysterious race, even by the standards of the galaxy. They are
invisible, and are thought to teleport by some strange means, but no one has ever seen
them. It is believed that they’re some type of highly advanced aliens who’ve gone
beyond the boundaries of interstellar travel, and so they’ve all been lost in
space, leaving no trace of their existence. It is not thought that they ever came back
in time.

-Hexos are beings that look like a cross between humans and some large animal, with
furry protrusions growing out of them. They’re quite intelligent, and although they
are the most docile creatures in the universe, they are also extremely territorial.
The two species are quite antagonistic to each other, but have been forced to live
peacefully together. Most Hexos are pacifists, but the more intelligent ones can
be very vicious, and will seek to attack those who threaten their species, or their

-The Skrall are a very dangerous and extremely aggressive species. They are most notable for their
ability to manipulate gravity and alter their shape to mimic whatever terrain they want. They
practically have a monopoly on the black market for Gravitic Scanners.Skrall are dangerous for several reasons: they are extremely intelligent, they are
extremely fast, and they never take „no“ for an answer. They are also known for their loyalty to
their own kind, even when it’s in their best interest to turn against their own kin.Skrall can be recognized by their red skin.

—The Gynith are a group of chakra antelopefolk. Their society consists of a caste
system with one leader (The Mage) on top. The Gyniths are the most powerful wizards in the galaxy, but their society is often
corrupted through their magical rituals.
::Acolytes are the lowest caste of the Gyniths. They often serve as foot soldiers or farmers, but also function
as a as a sort of „target practice“ for the Mage.
::Witches are one caste above Acolytes and consist of artisans and sales women.
It is possible to advance your caste, through proving yourself on a quest for the mage.
The higher the caste, the more dangerous the quest.
The Gyniths use a powerful energy blade called the Erosion Blade in their magic rituals, and sometimes perform
rituals in which they sacrifice other species.

—The Bitterfruits are a very rare creature. Found only in the northern mountains.
They are not a true species but a cross between a human and a berry.
They appear humanoid but have no bodily hair, only sweet delicious fruit.
The Bitterfruit people are very secretive and distrustful. They are not a friendly race and will attack
on sight if one approaches their settlement.
Despite their northern location, the Bitterfruit are in constant warfare with the Gynith.
The Gynith have always suspected that the Bitterfruit
are just the tastiest fucking shit in the world, and also the key to dimensional travel, but have never been able to get any evidence to support their claims.
The Bitterfruits are very distrustful of the Gynith and will do anything to protect their land. When the Gynith are present, they will
seldom go out, but will hide within the caves of the mountains.
The Bitterfruits have two known subspecies.
The Liquors are a blue colored race who favor using small melee weapons such as knives, sickles and staffs.
They wear no armor and are not very aggressive.
The Wines are a red colored race who use swords, longswords, and halberds.
They wear leather armor and can be very aggressive and fierce.

—The Kelgine are a species that can absorb or control
magical energy in the form of light, heat, fire, or electricity. They have four fingers on their hands
that allow them to cast spells with ease, but they are also capable of using other tools and weapons.
Bombers are a group of Kelgine that have been trained in fusion combat.
They travel in groups of 4 elite hunters with the power to fuse together into one amalgation.
This gives them access to all 4 spell sources and the power of about 20 human soldiers.

On the opposite side of time, a WILD land mass where time has halted. Now this place is habitable, though it has never before seen civilized life. Luckily there is a civilization just now beginning to rise there and they are developing a staple crop that is also said to hold many of the long lost secrets of the past.

Primitive amphibious rock people that live in harmony with the end of time, living a life of solitary hunting and fishing, closely tied to the Earth and the flow of time. They live in large extended families of between 20 and 150, and often have more than one wife, with all parties having equal rights to reproduce and share in the proceeds. The strength of a Rocky Geardin is in his muscles and mind. Their arms and legs are enhanced with large claws.

A famous war hero and member of the Ancient Circle of the Rockmages, Radmail was once considered the strongest Geardin in the history of Rockdale.

Invisible teens with cosmic powers of hypnotism and telepathy, who once owned a magic school in the Basalt Street of Rockdale. Now they are on the run with six of their students.

Drowsy horned demons that live in the city’s underworld. They feed on the souls of geardin and rip them apart limb by limb with their demonic horns and teeth. Their brutal habit of feeding on the remains of their victims leaves no trace for the cops to find and destroy, thus allowing the demons to go about their business unhindered most of the time.
This is why the Rox have decided to destroy them all.

The city watch of Rockdale, organized to patrol the city’s darkened streets at night. They solely consist of volunteers from all levels of society. The Rox possess a high level of discipline and pride in their work and a certain bloodlust in their quest to rid the city of the evil creatures, monsters, and demons that plague it. They have the ultimate goal of defending the lower class from the cruel roams of the rich. Most politicians and nobles try to bribe them, but ultimately fail.

Roy is an orphan who joined the Rox, but quickly decided to make a career of the force. It was there that he gained his elite fighting skills, as well as a complete ban from every form of law enforcement. He has since branched out into the fields of detective work and is sometimes called the „Copper*s Copper“.

Torn open dimensional gates suck in strange cosmic hounds that tear open dimensional blights, alien war machines, undead stalkers of all things bad.
Now the old inhabitants of Prismonia live in the broken shards and survivors of the past of time must escape through the portal.

This female geardin has long flowing white hair that she drapes around herself in a mess over her head. Her face is flat, with two red horns, and she is extremely proud. She believes in beauty as a means to the meaning of life, and if she doesn’t happen to be drinking with someone she considers handsome, then the situation must be remedied.


Masks of Power
Donning a mask of Power will transform your head into the head, of the creature it depicts.
If you’re in a dream and put on the mask you cannot take it of for 24 hours.
If you leave the dream with a mask on, your head will stay that way forever.

mask of the pig – you are accepted as part of any social circle.
mask of the rat – you shrink to the size of a rat. Your attacks deal no damage and you only have 1 HP in this form.
mask of the cat – If you look at something that was transformed, it will turn back into its original form.
mask of the wolf – You have the bite of a wolf(1d8 damage). You can also jump twice as far.
mask of the spider – You grow an additional usable arm. You can glue medium heavy things together with a touch (DC 12 to free)
mask of the vole – You are immune to poison and do not need to breathe.
mask of the fox – You have an in-depth knowledge of secrecy. Whenever you enter a room for the first time, you can ask the DM if there’s something hidden in the room.
mask of the bull – With 10 minutes of time you can push anything aside, that’s not attached to the ground ,no matter how heavy
mask of the eagle – Your eyesight is superior to that of any of your allies. If you are in a dark room you have 20 feet of visibility.
mask of the camel – You can absorb a swimming pool’s worth of any liquid and spit it out somewhere else. You still suffer any of its effects.
mask of the beetle – Your weapons deal triple damage to structures.
mask of the sparrow – ignore falling damage and glide anywhere below you
mask of the goat – Your magic items that only affect objects can affect creatures instead.
mask of the chameleon – After killing a monster you gain its powers for 10 minutes.

Can be used once per rest
neon spray –
makes anything glow for 24 hours
stoproot –
plant it in a nonliving object, to make that object levitate in place
feather spores –
reverse gravity in a small area for 10 minutes, must be recharged by sleeping at your home.
zephyr ring –
create a strong wind pushing over anything smaller than a human
insta-climb –
summon a ladder to any point you can see. must be recharged
goo aura –
shield from projectiles for a minute, must be recharged by absorbing a dead slime monster
bismuth gloves –
magnetised. Your metal weapons cannot be disarmed. You can climb on any metal surface, even on the ceiling.
dungeon key
turn anything you put it in, into a dungeon based on the thing, reflavor all npcs and monsters you meet to something based on the thing.
gecko gloves –
climb any rough wall, vertical , horizontal, up down, doesn’t matter.
cursed hourglass –
Turns a nonliving thing into a very primitive or very futuristic version of itself for 10 minutes.Can only be used once and must then be recharged by holding it against a ringing church bell.
The Staff of Nebulratz
can only be recharged by entering the dungeon in Nebulratz.
It can save up to 3 charges, spend one to summon a torrent of flame upon your enemies, dealing 1d6 fire damage to anyone nearby
and burning all flammable things nearby.
Phial of Teeth
To charge the Phial of Teeth, you need to add some alcohol and a drop of blood from a being that wasn’t added yet.
Drink it to get advantage on weapon damage rolls for a minute.

-Staff of the Ancients – UNHOLY STAFF 1d6 –
These are the very last of the staves that the Archivist, now dead, left behind.
These staffs do not work in harmony but rather corrupt their users into an archivist.
You get +1 MAX MD but everytime you roll a mishap, one of your body parts transforms into a random monster’s.
1 head
2 l. leg
3 r. leg
4 l. arm
5 r. arm
6 torso

-Horns of the Horned God – GLOVES d8+1 –
These horned gauntlets are worn on both hands, and are made of a very hard and dark stone born from the Horned God’s horns, which were shattered by a mad archivist during an attack on the Tower.

-Leather Cloak of the Horned God-
The Horned God is an ancient deity whose visage is shrouded in mystery, and many creatures know of it only in legends and stories. When exposed to light, the cloak turns into a living horned creature—a white stag that can be found in the north.

Tiny Dung Beetle: Once released, this tiny insect will dig a tiny tunnel through any solid object in front of you. Will bite anything going near the hole.
Teleport Crystal: This is a magical crystal, When shattered, it teleports you to a location you already visited.
Temptation Tangle: A rope with an apple tied to the end, the apple is edible. Will entangle you if you eat the apple.TEMPORARY STR to remove, Use to entice an animal.
Unstable Dust Toy: Throw this little sphere onto a small amount of dust, instantly explodes into a flurry of dust that harms any living creature within 5 feet
Bouncing Bubble: An impulsive bubble that bounces off walls when released
Crawling Eye-Spot: A pair of 2-foot long eyeballs which can be used to spy on others
Cloak of Doubt: A black cloak, The wearer takes on the appearance of their own shadow. It’s hard to look at them and impossible to discern any details.
Pulsing Crystal: This strange object can be used to light the user with a variety of colors and patterns
Proto Bubble: A small bubble that fits one person. Can be used as a submarine that swims as fast as you run and provides air for 1 hour.
Auto-Goblin. His only purpose is to cause trouble and mischief.
Sticky Pile: Item, A sticky gooey pile, Once released, causes a minor inconvenience to anyone in the room.
Root Spore: Item, A powder that looks like a small black birdseed, once dispersed, will cause a forest to grow around you
Blood-Brimstone: Item, Red glowing dust that will explode if ingested.
Fire Crystal: Item, Break this glowing red gem to release a magical fireball that hits 3 random people and deals 1d10 damage.
Abrasion Orb: Item, A round iron disk with spikes all around it, Throw it at a surface and watch it grind down into it until it’s through. Deals 1d10 piercing damage per round.
Lick Spots: Item, A small sticker of a tongue that slithers around your body and removes all scars and diseases of skin
Mending Silk: Item, A fine soft thread that can be used to repair any damage to other clothing
Triturated Clay: Item, A small lump of clay/mud mixture that is as loyal as a dog. On command it can resculpt itself to any pottery of your choice, glaze included. Likes to be a cup and hold by you.


  1. kick up clouds of dust
  2. call for reinforcements
  3. cast a spell with 1 MD
  4. trigger a hidden trap
  5. Run away!
  6. go into face-down defense position (+5 DR, but can’t act otherwise)
  7. grow into a giant mutated version of itself
  8. counter the next melee attack
  9. retreat to camp
    10: Throw a smaller creature.
  10. holds sword in mouth, damage as fighter.
  11. vomit up a smaller creature that’s barely alive
  12. battle cry, increasing their allies damage by +1 for 3 rounds.
  13. topple something twice its size
  14. force the DM to adjucate rules for grappling, also grappling a hero.
  15. burst into spiders
  16. go berserk
  17. turn a fire into an explosion (torch blows up, bonfire blows up MORE)
  18. Huff and a Puff and a blow
  19. Skull in shadows
  20. Sweep the legs
  21. Burst into tears.
  22. bees
  23. Summon angry boars (minions)
  24. Summon Giant Angry Boar (mount)
  25. Get Isekaid as a Giant Boar
  26. Posses the weapon that felled them
  27. Suddenly and violently explode
  28. Dramatically runs away and becomes a reoccurring villain if successful.
  29. Hurls insults
  30. Starts flirting
    32: Attempt to jump on your face
    33: mock you to the point you go berserk
  31. Burst open like a pinata. Gold and candy pour out. (all cursed)

……….item abilities that can be used as key pieces for puzzles……

blow something up, like a wall
hookshoot to any wooden structure
turn something back to its original form
create a platform you can jump on once
stop fall damage
don’t need to breathe
walk on water
protect against elements
shatter stuff
cannot be moved if don’t want
transform water to X
absorb water
silence an area
create darkness in area
slow time in area
create bridge
move very heavy thing
become invisible
turn into monster you touch
show direction to next treasure
make thing glow
hold thing in place
glue things together
reverse gravity
create strong winds
summon ladder
shield from ranged attacks
magnet power
turn anything you put it in, into a dungeon
add 1d6 rooms to dungeon
glide anywhere below you
climb any rough wall
make a thing very young or very old
cause plant growth
say if there’s a secret in the room
be accepted as part of any social circle
extra arm

NPCs as Classes

Elgast shroudell
-were-hammerhead metadruid-

  • constantly twirls hair, Has horns, Speaks with halting cadence
  • bets on everything. Has no money.
  • was mysteriously connected to a strange portal.
    A: Elgast can remove and reattach his hand. He can still control it while it’s detached
    B: When Elgast touches somebody he may steal the memory that gives them the most grief in their life. That person regains 1 HP.
    C: Elgast can change his appearance to anyone who’s memory he stole.
    D: Elgast becomes a formless mass of insects that is moving like a liquid.

Endolyn musiclife
-human horrorbard-

  • Greasy hair, Scantly clad and ripped,
  • Socially awkward– no eye contact, Will only speak via puppet or marionette
  • Helpful. Useful. Not pushy
    A: Anyone who hears Endolyn play her instrument must save or fall asleep. Passing the save renders them immune until the next time they sleep naturally.
    B: Once per day, Endolyn may scare an animal, monstrous animal, magical beast or a beastman with HD lower than hers, if it fails a Save.
    C: Endolyn can transform into an intagible shadowy spirit once per night. While in spirit form, she can look around, but not interact with anything.
    D: When Endolyn leaves herself open to attack, enemies must roll Charisma to strike her.

Sergei curseer
-Baboon privateer-

  • Wide set eyes, Obese, Blue Fur Hat
  • Religious icon. Wants nothing to do with it
  • Kleptomaniac
    A: Sergei served a gorilla monarch that was never born. Every level, he can declare a mandate of the monarch. When Sergei acts on this mandate, he gets +1d6 to Strength rolls and attacks.
    B: Sergei can ask monkeys for a favor and they will always oblige. They will expect him to repay the favor, eventually.
    C: Enemies struck by Sergei count as heavily encumbered until they take an action to steady themselves.
    D: Sergei has received a vision to unite kingdoms against evil itself. People cannot forget about him, and will spread the word of his quest.

Parett Hamalt
-Cousin of Gretta. Hired to train her.
-Old War Hero
-Bears a tattoo of an ouroboros.
A: Torches deal d8 damage in Parett’s hand. Parett also has a 1in6 chance to cause [burning] whenever he deals fire damage.
B: Parett only gets half damage from fire and poison.
C: Everyone in the criminal underground knows and respects Parett. They’ll rip him off the absolute minimum amount and are willing to do favors to stay in his good graces.
D: If Parett takes half damage from something, he can block the other half damage by sacrificing he is holding in his hand.

Greta Hamalt
-Passionate lover of music, who adores her cousin.
-Loud,Thick-armed, athletic
-Will drink you under the table
A: Greta can slap the evil out of a 1 HD creature, it becomes a npc.
B: Bad weather avoids Greta , clouds go vaguely where she wants.
C:Greta can make a shimmering rainbow bridge of force appear from a touched object.
The bridge extends from the object to a designated point in view, but isn’t very wide.
Slowly walking across it does not require a Save vs Dexterity, but running or a slight breeze will require one.
D: Greta’s eyes burn and water when someone is being dishonest to her face.

Scenes are CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE like objects that the players use to shape the narrative.
A player can invoke a scene whenever nothing is going on.
heroes describe and roleplay the scene together, then the player that invoked the scene makes a decision.
DESIGN GOAL: Each scene has to either:

  • Establish a fact about the relationship between 2 characters
  • Establish a fact about a character
  • Change a character (mutations,achievements, new skills, new social role)
    Each scene consists of a description, location and decision to make.
    description: one sentence that tells you what’s going on.
    location: establish the atmosphere of the scene.
    decision: emotional, involve PCs, important NPCs, balancing rewards + consequences

Scene descriptions:
During a fight at a temple a bard and a hero have a quarrel about religion.
The party travels to another world and the gods take note.
A man who lives in the shadows offers the party a book that contains power but is cursed.
A man becomes fascinated by the power of the sword the party is carrying.
A hero begins to have feelings for a companion.
A band of robbers was ambushed and their leader slain.
In the morning the heroes awaken and discover they have been cursed: all their teeth have fallen out.
The heroes find a secret tunnel.
Two heroes discover each other’s true identity.
The heroes meet with a representative of a cult and are told of their true destiny, which involves killing the cult leader.
The heroes discovers a vast underground empire.
The heroes meet with some ancient and powerful creatures.
A team of mercenaries is hired to help defeat a large number of monsters.
The heroes encounter a pack of wild animals.
The heroes face a challenge at the feet of a monstrous ogre.
The heroes have to survive the wrath of a massive fire demon.
The heroes attempt to rescue two young children.
After defeating the beast the party has their first proper meal since the start of the adventure.
The party’s bard leaves on a personal quest, and fails to return.
A war is in full swing. A companion is a prisoner of the enemy.
Someone in the party betrays his companions and goes off on his own.
A party that has been on the road for weeks makes a brief stop at a castle.
A party is attacked by a powerful necromancer.
The heroes try to fight their way through a demon portal.
The party comes upon a village that’s in an uproar.
The heroes discover they’ve accidentally opened a gateway between this world and another.
The heroes must go through another portal to get home.
The party elects a leader.
Aftermath: Everyone makes significant changes to their lives
Aftermath: Someone in the party dies and the others need to deal with grief
A mysterious voice asks the party to stop being heroes.
One of the party are sent back in time and given a mission by one of their ancestors.
The party decides to stay overnight, and set up their camp in the wolf’s lair, a large cave which appears to have been recently dug.
A hero is captured by an orc band that has taken a liking to their style of playing. They play their tunes for them as they get more and more rowdy.
-One of the heroes is a werewolf. The other three heroes are unaware of this. They discuss the nature of werewolves.
-The heroes encounters a party of four other explorers who had heard a noise.
-A wizard has cast a spell on the party, making it impossible to leave.
-A hero can’t resist the urge to drink some elixir.
-On their travels the party get lost in a cave.
-One of the party is accused of lying, and they try to cover for a friend.
-The group decides to eat a very old, very rotten piece of meat.
-An encounter with a creature who doesn’t like humans could spell disaster.
-A quest to the north, to find two old friends who have become „alpacafied“ by the same strange force.
-The party travels to a remote cave to find a book of lost magics.
-A party member has some sort of personal connection to a place that is being visited.
-A battle is about to happen, but not all the heroes are ready to enter it.
-A companion gets trapped in a cave by a cave troll.
-A companion becomes lost in an alternate reality.
-A hero starts talking about an old ruin that another hero knows from their past
-Another character starts a new relationship and wants a hero to introduce them to their new love interest.
-A battle starts where the party has a very strong disadvantage.
-A conversation with someone important could change the way a character feels about their life.
-One or more of the heroes is feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of life. A talk with a wise/sensible/empathetic person could change their situation.
-One of the heroes is going through some kind of emotional turmoil. A good talk with a friend/significant other/friend could bring some relief.
-A group discussion about the good/bad nature of the world can change the outlook of a hero.
-The party is all having some problems. A talk with a counselor/advisor/teacher could help them all.
-A group discussion could cause some of the party to question whether their path is good for them or not.

FIVE CENTURIES AGO a healthy child was born by the goddess MISERY.
This was deeply concerning to the divine beings residing there, as gods can’t bear children.
The other gods in the room could not understand the child.
It spoke in a loud incomprehensible language without words.
The gods consulted the SIMULATOR for help.
It created a world in which beings are born, to study their behaviour.
The gods decided to call together a council to debate the whole gods can’t get pregnant thing.
When the council was convened, MISERY was declared a demi-god and banished to the newly created world.

FIVE DECADES AGO the SIMULATOR was consulted to design a new god.
It decided to use the body of a pig, for there were few other alternatives.
It created life in a pig’s body, gave it consciousness and other sparkly things that gods have, like a small mole on their neck.
The god was named FEAR. It did some nice things to the world, like introducing the concept of death,

FIVE YEARS AGO in the Dungeon-Tower-Of-One-Hundred-Levels the BRICKZARD has pissed off the BLOCKLINS by creating them and sealing them away to
the lowest level, way way below the surface. The BRICKZARD in its fear of revenge, has made an alliance with FEAR itself.
Through arcane machinations, he planted a religion in the BLOCKLINS culture, that praises a false idol, secretly empowering FEAR.
In exchange the BRICKZARD has asked for the weapon that brings forever death to the BLOCKLINS in the form of the BODYWASHER.
During a fight with the BRICKZARD the BLOCKLINS managed to steal the BODYWASHER and now keep it hidden in the lowest level.

FIVE DAYS AGO the BRICKZARD has invited a network of heroes to work with him, in order to get back the weapon and destroy the BLOCKLINS.
The network, named THE BAD GUYS, consists of such tragic backstories as the NINJA, ROGUE or SIREN.
More or less a d20 table of them are slowly advancing towards the lowest level of the dungeon.

FIVE MINUTES AGO you fell in love, as you locked eyes with the queen for a sliver of a second too long.
The king, currently in the process of crowning you, noticed and cut of your arm.
You quickly reattached it and went on with the ceremonies on your first day as a knight of the BLOCKLINS.


A: Animal Band, +1 band member
B: +1 band member
C: +1 band member
D: +1 band member

Animal band
You are a group of animals that is also a band.
Name the band.
You start with 2 random animals as band members. Roll on the band member table to find out what animal joins you and what it’s ability is.
You act like a single being in combat and as long as the band is together people will interact with you as if you were popular human band.
If you die no animal is harmed, instead the band is disbanded and all animals forget what happened
and live a life as a normal animal happily ever after. that would be cute.

band members
1 frog – A croaking freestyle solo of the most devastating rhymes the swamp has ever seen, belittling one target enemy, who must make a CHA save or be the center of laughter from anyone around them.
2 snail – The rumbling bass of the snail’s drums induce a trance in anyone listening to it that fails a STR test. This gives you the [slow] debuff (can only use 1 action per turn)
3 owl – Classical music, perfect for long walks. As long as the owl is with you, you get advantage on rolling random encounters.
4 crow – Romantic goth music that makes you truely feel alive. As long as the crow is with you, merchants will give you a 10% discount.
5 llama – As long as the llama plays the trumpet, you get advantage on evading traps. This is very loud.
6 goat – Happy Hardcore Hyper Core Techno. Strangely rage inducing. Gives the Companions +2 to weapon damage.
7 cow – A bolero about the plains the cow calls home. Gives +1 to Attack rolls to allies of the cow.
8 sheep – A soft lullaby entrancing anyone listening to it to test CON or fall asleep.
9 chicken – Anyone in front of the chicken must test DEX to brace this jazzlike cacophony of cries. On a fail they run away in fear.
10 pidgeon – GUL GUL GUL GUL the band is immune to poison and disease GUL GUL GUL GUL


you are just a little creature and the world is very big and scary and unfair
so you play pranks in the neighboring village and steal shiny and cool toys

stats: distribute 6 points across hihi, hoho, oof
roll 1d6 under or equal to stat to succeed

roll on hihi to do mischief or anything that would be fit for a test of courage (hihi, I’m attacking you with a shank I built. hihi, noone’s catching me breaking in.)
roll on hoho to evade consequence from someone’s buffoonery (hoho, you will never hit me with that sword. hoho, your spell ain’t shit on me.)
roll oof to survive what a consequence does to you (oof, you stabbed me. oof, that was a very high fall.)

Combat: generally a very bad idea, but go for it.
Roll on hihi to hit someone. On a success you deal 1 Hit. Usually you need to be in the same zone to attack, but ranged attacks can also hit neighbouring zones.
A typical HUMAN usually takes 3 hits, a guardian or soldier 5, a hero or legend 7.

LEVELING UP: when you steal a toy and bring it back to your room you get +1 to a stat of your choice.


  1. mega-megaphone: will make you heard in the whole village
  2. box of fireworks: go boom, if the box gets in contact with fire, everything in the area is turned to dust
  3. extra sour candy orb – shrinks your face to half size when put in mouth, valuable for collectors and pranksters
  4. chocolate fountain – needs 4 hands to be transported. magically refills itself with chocolate.
  5. neon paint – glows in the dark, stains can’t be removed with any means.
  6. sword – deadly sharp, needs 2 hands to be hold.

Characters –
1 Gretchling – can always run away faster than anyone else.
2 Capybaby – too cute, noone with a soul can be angry at you
3 THE ORB – unfathomable by HUMANS 50% chance to phase out of existence when someone starts searching for them
4 Stinky the Sewer Raccoon – no HUMAN will stay near them for a long time, will try not to touch
5 Chibi Mangaboy – can break anything with a successful oof roll
6 Nibbletron – stolen freshly cooked food count as toys
7 The loneliest clown in town – +1 to all stats, no HUMAN will speak with you
8 Octopunk – can hold and use 8 things at once
9 Jasper the Bunny – can instantly kill anyone he gets a drop on
10 Gloriously Grownup Terrier – stronger than a HUMAN, weaker than two
11 Just a hairy little guy – hair regrows instantly
12 Booger monkey – can fling boogers as ranged weapons(1 hit).
13 Konrad von Knödel – with a successful hoho roll HUMANS will follow one of his commands.
14 The unbeatable Mr. Egg – if he dies, will come back in the next scene,
15 crazy larry – knows the way to anywhere with a successful hihi roll
16 Kangaroo kitten – can jump and climb everywhere with a successful hihi roll.
17 fractal pony – can open any lock with a successful hoho roll, can walk on walls
18 Dastardly duo – you control Bib and Bopurg independently. They prefer to stay in sight of each other.
19 Wizard of wham – can cast a single random spell with 1 MD roll on oof or it goes haywire.
20 Cat that smells the fish – knows where drugs, money and toys are hidden

Dream Body
You need a dream body to visit the dreams of others.
Dream bodies have their own personalities and abilities.
A dream body is not an individual, it is part of the dream.

The Organization
Professional dreamers in a strict hierarchy
must figure out how to stop the Singularity.
Diod is the only dreamer who does not change despite the chaos that surrounds him.
Diod just can’t get out of his world. Travel to Diod’s dream and find out why.

Mania is a city on the edge of the paper desert. Something evil is crawling out of the sand.
A mad man, with a name long forgotten, roams the streets of Mania at night. Every morning, corpses bear witness to his dark machinations.
The inhabitants of Mania are hunted down like prey, but the madness in their hearts prevents them from leaving the city. They are trapped here, with no way to escape their fate.

A Paranid is a creature living in your dreams in human form.
If you meet a Paranid, it will run away. If you run after it, it will disappear.
So you have to surprise him, or just wait for him to come back.
Paranids make your mind become more and more self-aware.
This will make you wake up if you don’t stop the paranid

Reincarnation machine keeps dreamers in the dream.
Find a way to return to your world again

Dream Desert
The Dream Desert is an artificially created desert that exists in all dreams.
It provides a way for persistent travelers to travel to other dreams
Primus: The origin. Abode of concepts. Manifested ideas. Some call them gods.
Prismonia: The main dimension. The first history ever written.
Zero: There is absolutely nothing here. A dream without knowledge or reason. Pure existence without anything
The Dream Desert is divided into three different dimensions:
Primus, Prismonia and Null.

Tamer and the 2 lions
The time
Trex with diamond teeth
A black hole
Jack of hearts, king, queen
The golden turtle (very slow, likes food, indestructible)
Doppelganger Actor with mimic pet (random encounter, you always meet, always stronger)
The primordial slime
The nastiness
The mathematics
Embarrassment (help to convince someone)
The music
The Poet (wrote poems with clues about puzzles in the dungeon)
The city that does not exist
Dimitri’s tool cellar
The Narrativum Basin

The Paper Cave
The paper desert
The submarine
Winding forest
The Railway
The old cemetery
The brewery
The endless street
The Minster Square
The sinkhole
Ruins of the line 1
The alcoholics
The ghost town
Kebab stand
The Minster (Antelope Priest)
The place of the notes
The catacombs of the cathedral
The flooded river
The park by the river
The parallel dimension
Death Dome
Flowing feelers
The night in Ikea
The galaxy room
The howling sunflower
„I want your gold“-Jakoby
Molecular emission stands
Fence of thieves

A hippo in the desert
A squid with legs
Vast structures built of rock, water, and plants
An ancient city rising from the ruins
The architecture of a beachside
Wall of terror
the circus
Tunnel of the gigaworm
The jungle trunk
The deer road
The screen
The beaming bird
Herbarium Curiosum
The echo chambers
The cave of the dead elephant
The dinosaur skeleton
The crashed UFO
The first contact
Viking girl
The Grey
The Blob
The people of the flies
The Halls of Writing
The Court of the Tarot
The House of Death
The most comfortable couch
The infinitely high mountain
The picture from sand
The libido
The Orb
Space of falling
The Market
Space of divinity
Space of hands
The Mushroom Forest
The Work

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