Legally distinct monsters and free art

All the art in this post is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. You can use the images and text however you want (yes, even commercially) as long as you credit me ( Thomas Hanusek ) and provide a link to . You may not use it for anything racist, homophobic or sexist.

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Original Posts:

Kissteroid, the Dream Legamon (Psychic)

Level 1. No Evolution. 5 Hit Die (25 Health), 0 Speed, 0 Armor (10 Armor Class), 0 Save (13 Save Target), 0 Attack, 1 Power Die

This pink and blue jellyfish like Legamon appears in the nightmares of children to guide them back to safety. The black orb it is holding is made out of space. Time passes differently for them.

Physical Attack: Psychic.
Status Attack: Psychic(Confused).

Ability: Timedilated – Each turn roll 1d6, on a 1 Kissteroid loses its turn. Special Move: Dreamchannel (Psychic, Status): One of your Legamon gets [dice] Move Dice

Gretchling (Normal)

Level 1 Evolves into Gretchsona.

Stinky gobbo always babbling about hacking and rolling. Looks like the child of a slightly deformed raisin and a human with anger issues.

Ability: GLOGHACK: Gretchling gains the A- template from a randomly generated GLOG class when acquired for the first time. ( )

Moves: Balance[Normal] : Permanently increase one of your opponents stats by [dice] and decrease another by the same amount(min 0, min Hit Die 1)
Insult the opponent‘s Legamon to deal [sum-2] damage.

Leveling up without an evolution:

Whenever a Legamon without an evolution levels up roll 5d6 to determine which stats you increase. Additionally get +1 Hit Die and +1 Move Die.

1 – Hit Die
2 – Speed
3 – Armor
4 – Save
5 – Attack
6 – Power Die

VIP training – cost 500 legamoney – Pick one of your Legamon. On this Legamons next level up roll 1 die less but +1 to stat of your choice. Max 1 per level up.


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