GLOG Class – Narcissism

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Incarnate of Narcissism
Starting Equipment: Copper Mirror, Picture of yourself, Bottle of Lotion
Skills: (1D4) Makeup, Self Aggrandizement,
A Big Ego
B Delusions of Grandeur
C Clearly the Best, Idol
D Best possible version of yourself

Big Ego
You have an ego of a madman. You will never ever have any remorse, or guilt when you do something to look good.

Whenever you succeed on a roll you get 1 [Ego] (up to 3), whenever you fail a roll you lose all [Ego].

Pay 1 [Ego] to block 1 damage from any attack

Delusions of Grandeur
You are so convinced of yourself, that even the universe starts believing it. Once per day, say something self-aggrandizing to get +[Ego] on your next roll.

Clearly the Best
Your Ego can go up to 5.
Pay 1 [Ego] to summon a nonmoving illusion of yourself. It stays for 1 minute and is clearly an illusion when interacted with.

You get +2 to CHA rolls, when the person you interact with can see a portrayal (image, statue, painting..) of you.

Best possible version of yourself
Increase one of your stats to 18.
Pick a title, everyone will magically adress you by this title.( Does not work in anti-magic zones)

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  1. Sehr toll! Ich habe es gelesen gern, und ich mochte mehr sehen! (Sorry, I’m studying German and I couldn’t resist… was it comprehensible?)

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